Future – Budget Analytics

Using the application, you can manage your expenses and incomes in one interface. You can view statistics and analytics about your stored transactions.

Keep your wallet up to date

Record your transactions easily

Create transactions when expenses or incomes are incurred. Keep your virtual card up to date. You can view or even edit these details later.


Classification of the transaction. Transactions are classified as neutral do not appear in statistics and analysis.


The type of posting of the transaction, which can be an expense or a income.


Create your own categories, within your virtual cards, into which you can collect your transactions. This will make your expenses and incomes more transparent.


Mark the location of the transaction and you can look back later where the purchase took place.

Let’s see the features

We are working to provide the application with useful features that make it easier to use on a daily basis.
But let’s see what features are available to you.

Virtual cards

Create virtual cards and manage your personal and business transactions on separate cards.

Custom categories

Break down your expenses and incomes into custom categories.


Keep track of all your transactions in one application.


Analyze your transactions and plan your finances.

Custom counting

Count your selected transactions.

Dark appearance if you want

In addition to the light theme, dark is also available, but you have the option to use the system theme. This way, the appearance of the application adapts to the theme of your device.

Virtual cards
Create your own virtual card to stored your personal and business transactions.
Monthly report
With quick access, you can see the amount of expense, income, and savings for the current month.
Custom timeline
With the Pro Plan you can also select a custom timeline.
Timeline type
Select which report you want to view.
More charts
You can also view more analysis of your transactions.


We are working to expand the functionality of the application. Keep your app up to date and update to the latest version.
Download from: Google Play,  AppStore


Additional bug fixes and all attributes of the transaction can be modified.


Bugs in open testing of the application have been fixed and moved to the live version of the application.


Fixed bugs in location features.


This version of the application contains the In-App Purchase function.


The app has been added to Google Play and the App Store.